Lawn Mower Racing Secrets


Dear Fellow Racing Enthusiast:

You have heard the familiar words at the start of any professional televised race: Green. Green. Green. Three greens must mean GO. The racing spotter is ensuring that he gets the message to his driver that it is time to go.

As a racer, you must be ready to throttle up your racing mower the instant the starter waves the green flag. Any hesitation at the start of the race can cost valuable time that is difficult to make up. If the leader anticipates the start just a moment quicker than you, the next time you cross the start/finish line you will be 60 FT behind. The 60 FT will seem insurmountable, and in lawn mower racing, how to lose the race.

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You shouldn’t be afraid to bump the tractor in front. It’s not a good idea to run up and hit the tractor, but you should follow so close that you may just inadvertently touch a little. Starting from the third row or further back, you will have an additional opportunity to anticipate the start of the race. Never watch the mower directly in front of you, and make sure you know the safety tips for lawn mower racing before that first love tap. Make sure you wear some protective gear to keep safe, motorcycle helmets and accessories for motorcycles will also do, since they are made to endure the resistance of motorcycle falls.

A veteran racer’s starting maneuver is to look ahead two or three rows, and when the racing mower ahead hits the throttle, this is your cue to go. You shouldn’t worry about the mower directly in front of you; by the time your race mower begins to accelerate his will be moving as well. Worst case: you give him a little love tap, and keep right on rolling.

If you master this restart procedure, you will find yourself inches away from the racing mowers ahead. You will be in the perfect position to make your first pass, give you the confidence to move ahead and pass other competitors. Be sure to take advantage of every practice session, no matter how much experience you have.

When it comes to law mower racing how tos, there is no substitute for seat time. The more practice you get, the faster you will be in the actual race. Actual lawn mower racing how tos includes understanding what the seat feels like. An important lawn mower racing how to, is practicing in different racing lanes. Finally, a great thing to do is know the rules for racing mowers.

Your crew chief should use a stopwatch and time every lap, helping you to discover the fastest way around the lawn mower race track. This path is known as the “racing groove”. Once you find the groove, you can race your way to the front. When the actual race is underway, continue to search for the racing groove; particularly on a dirt track where the groove may change throughout the event. You may find that your racing mower is faster in a different groove than the competition.

If you can’t catch the leader, follow his path. If you still can’t catch him, try another lane. You can’t be complacent in racing. You must “try to fly.” Catching the leader and passing the leader are two entirely different challenges. The leader’s thirst for victory is equal to yours. Even though your racing mowers may be equally matched, you must apply pressure to earn the top spot.

To apply pressure, drive your racing mower into the corner much deeper than you should. Your tractor may bobble a bit and be a little sideways. Just hold your breath and hang on. At this point, you are beside the leader and have taken the lane away. With his preferred lane gone, you can accelerate off the corner and take the lead away.

Furthermore, if you didn’t scare yourself, you may have scared the leader just enough that he let off the throttle for a split second. That split second is the difference between victory lane and becoming a bridesmaid. In the “lawn mower racing how to win” manual it’s about both timing AND strategy.

Professional race winners have developed trademark celebrations; such as the Carl Edwards’ back-flip and the Kyle Bush bow – very formal. I once saw a racer get so excited with his first win that he jumped up and down on the roof of his car and crushed the sheet metal. Perhaps a more fitting lawn mower celebration would be the traditional Indy Car drink of milk. In lawn mower racing, how to celebrate is half the fun of winning.

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