What Makes Briggs and Stratton Racing an Industry Standard?

Briggs and Stratton racing is an undeniable part of American racing history. For 80 years, they have been developing racing engines that take the sport to the next level. This is the primary reason why mower racing enthusiasts choose Briggs and Stratton when it comes to powering their mowers.

Their reputation has made Briggs and Stratton a household name. In fact, many successful racers acknowledge that they started out with Briggs and they attribute part of their accomplishment to all the knowledge and experiences they’ve gained from Briggs and Stratton racing.

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Now, aside from Go-Kart racing, Briggs and Stratton have also made a name in mower racing. Though racers have different preferences when it comes to engines, you’ll find that 8 out of 10 enthusiasts recommend Briggs and Stratton.

Why Briggs and Stratton for mower racing?

1.  Availability of parts – This is crucial when participating in any kind of motor sport. You cannot continue racing if replacement parts are difficult to find.
2.  Reputation –Briggs and Stratton racing is the most trusted when it comes to racing engines. They wouldn’t be here now if they were providing poor quality engines.
3.  Experience – They were around long before mower racing was known. They were powering mowers and perfecting their products before we even knew that we could race them.
4.  Innovation – The Company is not only recognized for providing high performance engines but also for their environmental campaigns. Briggs and Stratton engines are made with 98% recycled aluminum and emit 75% less emission than those sold before 1995. Their engines are generally more fuel efficient than industry averages.

Standard and advanced Briggs and Stratton racing engines for your racing lawn mower include:

• 19 CID 8HP
• 28 CID 12HP
• 31 CID 12HP
• 40 CID 20HP
• 44CID 20HP
• 14.5HP 28CID OHV
• 17HP 31CID OHV

How to choose the right mower racing engine:

• Determine your skills and align it with the appropriate mower racing class
• Familiarize yourself with the racing and modification rules of your specific racing mower class.
• Scout out the nest Briggs and Stratton racing engine for your skill and needs.  Note that you could modify your existing mower engine for racing, though that might mean some argument with whoever actually mows the grass at you house.

No matter what your level, there is a racing engine that’s right for you. Think of Briggs and Stratton racing as your partner in success, they continue to innovate and make their engines better allowing you to push the envelope of your mower racing skills.

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