Where to Find Racing Lawn Mowers for Sale

The popularity of lawn mower racing has reached areas where the sport was previously unknown to, this brings many people to ask where to find racing lawn mowers for sale. If there were no previous mower racing activities in your area, you might find it hard to find one.

Different types of lawn mowers are being raced, including and-held cylindrical mowers that go as fast as you can run.  This is a fun but exhausting type of mower racing.  Towed seat mowers are also being raced.  This is less exhausting and feels like you’re driving a race car.

The most popular mowers used in lawn mower racing, and easiest to find racing lawn mowers for sale, are those tractor type mowers with a covered engine mounted in front.

This is, in a sense, as close as you can get to racing sports cars, as they can reach speeds of up to 50mph. While not common, the land speed record for a racing mower is upwards of 80mph. With no windshields and the wind in your face, beyond about 40mph really gets the racing juices pumping.

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Where to find racing lawn mowers for sale:

Buy new, from a trusted source.  Briggs and Stratton are already building lawn mower racing engines. Some already have oversized pistons and sleeved cylinders for that extra push. All you have to do is stick it in your old mower and you’re ready to race.

Small Retail.  There are specialty stores that cater primarily to lawn mower racers, this is a good place to find racing lawn mowers for sale.  Generally, these stores are owned by mower racing enthusiasts.  What started out as a hobby eventually became a business for them. This is a good place to find parts as well as tips and many do custom work and custom parts.

Online.  Consult your friend Google. There are plenty of websites talking about lawn mower racing and for sure there are some enthusiasts who are selling their old racers.

Repurpose through an associations. Don’t forget to contact local chapters, affiliates, or the national lawn mower racing associations.  They will certainly be in the know when members are looking to sell, replace, or upgrade their machines.

Looking for racing lawn mowers for sale is a very exciting task. The experience and knowledge you will gain is well worth the time.  And, you can actually start lawn mower racing for around $500.  Compared to many sports, it is super cheap and gives you a heck of an adrenaline rush.

That is the beauty of lawn mower racing; everybody can join, compete, and have fun without an additional mortgage.

Good luck on your quest to find racing lawn mowers for sale.  Hopefully you find a racer that suits your needs.

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