The Best Options to Find Racing Mower Parts

Lawn mower racing has gone from being virtually unknown to becoming a national sensation that is attracting new followers every year. One day you don’t care about it, the next day you find yourself scouring garages for racing mower parts.

In every kind of motor sport, the availability of parts is important. How can you race cars if there are no replacement pistons available? How can you race motorcycles if there are no replacement chains available? Same with lawn mower racing, to be able to continue participating in the sport, replacement parts must be readily available.

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There are three basic ways and places to find replacement racing mower parts?

• Manufacturers – Companies like Briggs and Stratton are already manufacturing engines specifically designed for lawn mower racing. This also means that they have replacement parts available so you can maintain the engine.

Other popular manufactures include Honda and Tecumseh.  Both produce various kinds of racing parts and racing engines.  Large manufactures like this don’t frequently doing custom stuff.  For that you will have to use either of the next two options

• Racing Garages/Retail Shops – There are many garages/shops out there, owned by racing enthusiasts, which will do custom racing mower parts work.  Additionally, these guys have usually been in the trenches with one kind of motor sport or another, so they have invaluable tips of the trade.

It is always exciting to speak with somebody that shares your passion for lawn mower racing.

• Build it Yourself – If you are technically knowledgeable, you can always build parts yourself. It takes time and effort, but if you are the “handy” type, I’m sure you’ll enjoy building your own high performance parts.  This approach allows an intimacy with tweaking parts that few other lawn mower racing drivers share.  And of course, the pride and excitement swells when you win with racing mower parts built with your own hand.

Now you may be asking how to find these manufacturers and racing garages.  Browsing you local phone book or the internet for manufactures is simple enough.

A great resource for specialty garages and shops is your local lawn mower racing chapters and affiliates.  Or better yet, you can get you feet wet at a local race.  By attending organized races and mingling with participants and spectators you’ll find more tips and leads that you thought possible.
Forums are another good way for you to get to know racing enthusiasts in your area. Just ask where they find the most reliable racing mower parts and I’m sure you will get an earful.

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