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by LCCM on 05/05/2010

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This is a funny commercial about how Shell V-Power affects regular lawn mowers. The mower was tweaked to take the form of a cool racing mower, and Shell V-Power was injected. The first test proved how the mower can reach surprising speeds of a hundred miles per hour with the said product; try that for your next lawn mower drag racing event!
The second lab test shows how the blades perform with the help of the product. As grass patches are fed, the mower effortlessly cuts everything down to size, furiously discarding the grass out its side. And as time goes by, the tests grow crazier! Six dozen eggs are shoved under the fierce blades of the mower. Six dozen eggs are just as easily scrambled.
Then the true test began; huge watermelons are placed on the conveyer belt. And as expected, the racing mower devoured everything in its path. Feed Shell V-Power to your mower and drive it like crazy!

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