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by LCCM on 05/05/2010

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Grass car lawn mower racing
It’s a sunny mower racing day and lawn mower enthusiasts are gathered from every corner of the county. It’s a fight to the finish with Pastor Rankin, Dan Kennedy, and Ray Scott. These three are racing for eight laps of grass and dust with nothing but pure, raw lawn mower power.
As soon as the green flag was raised, these three duke it out on the dusty oval track. On the first turn, Pastor Rankin missed a gear, resulting in Dan Kennedy’s early big lead. This mower race stayed pretty much the same throughout most of the laps, but not until Kennedy made a mistake by doing a wide turn on the last lap. Rankin saw the opportunity and turned it into his advantage as he put the pedal to the metal, swiping the victory from Dan Kennedy. Ray Scott, not having much luck, grabbed third place of this day’s lawn mower racing event.

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