How to Build a Racing Mower

People who are new to lawn mower racing always ask how to build a racing mower. Some spend countless hours looking for guides online but can’t really find a helpful resource. I myself had a hard time looking for information online so I decided to make a builders guide for the benefit of aspiring mower racers.

Learning how to build a racing mower is like learning how to work on an engine of a car. The principles are the same, only easier since lawn mower engines are less complicated.

Prior to changing anything on your mower, you have to familiarize yourself with modification rules first. Depending on your racing class, these may be quite strict, so make sure that your upgrades are within the set rules. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

The first thing that you need to consider when modifying your ride and is making it fit the racing mower frame. Riding lawn mowers were not designed to withstand rough terrain, excessive speed, and hairpin turns; so reinforcing the structure to keep it from falling apart during a race is key.

The torture that your mower will go through is similar to what rally cars go through during a race. So it is important to make the frame tough and rigid.

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Weight is another important factor that will affect the speed of your mower. You do not want to be packing a lot of extra pounds on, so putting your mower on a diet is a must. This is one of the things that people who are learning how to build a racing mower overlook.

It is easy to get busy upgrading the engine, not realizing that simple removal or replacement of heavy or unnecessary items here and there will significantly improve the performance of the racing mower. So even before you start working on the engine, make sure that you have taken off all unnecessary weight from your mower.  Find out if lighter seats or batteries are available.  Consider aluminum parts and removal of any part the mower can live without.

When you are done working on the frame and mower dieting, then you can start modifying the engine. Again, check the racing mower rule book before doing anything.

When it comes to modifying engines, there are different ways to learn how to build a racing mower. This requires skill and precision so you have to be knowledgeable about what you are doing.

You can seek the help of an expert and ask him to guide you through the process first time out. Once you are familiar with how to build a racing mower, you will be ready to go it alone.

Or, you can buy a Do-It-Yourself e-book and work on the engine yourself. This method entails a lot of trial and error but is advisable to those who like to have control over things and have some understanding of the interworking of engines.

Also, you can learn how to build a racing mower from enthusiasts who you might already be racing with.  They are a wealth of tips and tricks learned on and off the track.

Don’t worry if you get a little confused at first.   You’ll get the feel for it, once you have spent some time getting your hands dirty. It’s all part of the process of learning how to build a racing mower.

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