How to Make a Racing Lawnmower

Mower racing is one of the emerging adrenaline sports, and its gaining popularity.  No wonder people are getting excited to learn how to make a racing lawnmower; imagine mowing your lawn at speeds of 40mph.
I don’t think you’d really want to mow the yard as that speed, but it is the potential of your old mower.  So instead of letting it sit in your garage, get to tinkering with it.  It may win you some prize money, or at least as much notoriety as the perfectly green weed-free lawn.

Mower racing started in 1973 in Wisborough Green, West Sussex, England. The sport was thought of as an alternative to other, more expensive types of racing like Sports-Car racing and Motocross. Since most everyone in town had the basic equipment, turning them into racing lawnmowers would not be very expensive.

Since the very successful inaugural race in 1973, mower racing has climbed in popularity.  Governing bodies were established in England, across the United States and throughout other countries and today; everyone is running to make a racing lawnmower.

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The good news; it’s easy and affordable to turn your mower into a dream machine.  There are things that you need to consider before you start building though.

First one is your mower. Is your mower fit to becoming a racing mower? If you have an old mower, you might have difficulty in finding spare or racing parts; same concern if you have a unique brand of mower where parts are not readily available.

Spare parts and modifications are very important; you won’t be able to make a racing lawnmower without both.

Determining your skills is also essential. Obviously, your weekly task of mowing your lawn at 5mph doesn’t make you a lawnmower racer. It is easy to think that mower racing is child’s play, especially if you haven’t a seen a live race or even an online racing mower video, but there is more to it than you might think.

Before you really start to make a racing lawnmower, consider what kind of racing you want to do and determine the appropriate racing mower class.  For starters, it is advisable to participate in stock races first so you can get the feel of it. Also, different divisions have different sets of modification rules.

Once you’ve taken all this into account you will be ready to make a racing lawnmower and start mower racing. Here are some of the basic to consider in modifying your mower.

Weight – Mowers, especially the old ones tend to be heavy, and that extra weight will cost you time and in turn, that coveted checkered flag. Lose pounds by disposing of all the extra parts.

Chassis – Factory mowers are not intended for racing, so you have to take the extra precautions to make it fit for adverse mower racing conditions.

Think about Motocross and Stock Car racing.  That’s the kind of punishment your mower will get which is very important to consider when you start to make a racing lawnmower.

Steering – As with the chassis, stock steering is not designed for tight turns at high speeds. The steering components might literally break apart if you do not do something to reinforce them. There are 3 things to fix on your steering:
     •  Caster settings
     •  Loose-fitting steering rods
     •  Gear driven steering system

Once you’ve taken care of these basics, you can take your mower for a spin, there won’t be much of a difference when it comes to speed but at least it won’t break apart.

There are many things that you need to do in order to make a racing lawnmower fit for a true racer. But it is best to take these on one at a time to avoid missing out on things that you need to learn. You don’t become an expert on mower racing overnight.

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