In Search of Sponsors for Racing Lawn Mowers

LMR-Banner3Every motorsport has the opportunity to raise money through sponsorship.  But, all the money in the world won’t assure you a victory.  Sponsorship funds can only assist in your quest, providing you couple it with hard work, talent, and perseverance.

Marketing gurus are constantly looking for viable media to help sell their products. Just turn on your TV and watch any sporting event. Corporate logos are displayed on anything that moves; stock cars, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, even golfers and swimmers. Sponsoring for Racing Lawn Mowers is no different.

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Sponsoring products and brands run the spectrum of consumer goods including, soda, snack foods, tools, clothing, restaurants, and of course adult beverages. I’ve even seen rock band logos and upcoming movie ads posted on the side of racecars.

Racing lawn mowers is growing in popularity as a national sport.  This means sponsorship opportunities continue to improve. In the eyes of a marketing genius, your mower is a high-speed billboard. Partnering with a marketing group is a win-win situation. They sell more products, and you have the funds to go fast and win races.

Before you begin your search, you must prepare a professional portfolio. This is nothing more than a resume of your past racing accomplishments and future plans. You should include several pictures of racing lawn mowers.

Your photos must depict a clean, professional-appearing team. A dirty mower and a torn-up pair of jeans are not the image a major sponsor will want to convey to their customers. Unless of course your target sponsor is Turtle Wax or Tide.

You might be surprised how much attention you receive just by wearing team uniforms or matching T-shirts. For just a few dollars per shirt, you can purchase a dozen brightly colored shirts printed with the team name and number. This will immediately demonstrate to the sponsor that he is dealing with a professional group that will represent his company well.

Be sure to include a description of the class you intend to race in, as well as a schedule of events. List all of your accomplishments: rookie of the year, 20 wins, sportsman of the year, most improved driver. Some technical information related to racing lawn mowers will also spark some interest: 20 HP, 40 MPH, Pro Mod.

A postcard to hand out to the fans will also show you are committed to the sport and marketing yourself and your sponsor. For minimal cost, you can prepare your own postcard on your home computer. Include a nice team photo on the front with stats and specs on the back. You can also gain fan support by distributing the postcards to the young children attending the lawnmower race. You may just become the new hero of one of these kids.

Prepare a budget. Marketing managers like to know where their advertising dollars are being spent. Outline your annual expenses including the expenditure of the racing lawn mowers’ safety, mechanical, and maintenance parts. What about the overhead for racing lawn mowers: travel, meals, hotels, etc…? Start small; it is much easier to find five companies who are willing to split the bill than it is to locate a single big ticket sponsor.

This is a typical sales job; you shouldn’t be discouraged when your proposal is declined. Just keep smiling and move on to the next prospect. When you finally locate an interested party, you should take your marketing plan to the next level.  Provide them videos, websites, and other information that will further promote the excitement of the racing lawn mowers.

Now that you have secured the deal, you think your work is done. Wrong! To maintain your sponsorship relationship and to keep the money flowing, you must continually promote the sport and your sponsor. Send a weekly email with your results. Prepare a copy of the schedule to distribute to your sponsor and his employees. Invite his children for a photo op sitting on your racing lawn mowers. Provide a copy of that first victory lane photo with the sponsor’s logo prominently displayed.

If you hook the sponsor with his displayed logo alongside your winning talent, it will become a long-term (and winning) relationship.

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