Kicking Grass- Inside the world of lawnmower racing

by LCCM on 04/01/2012

Lawn Mower Racing may not seem like a “real”sport…..until you ask these guys and gals! They work hard to create a machine that can take on any challanger. They spend a lot of time upgrading their equipment. They travel to fields and tracks all around the countryside. Some of them even have sponsors, but most happily pay for it all out of pocket.

So after all is said and done, what are the results of this dedication? They have more fun than you can ever imagine!!! Speeding along with the wind rushing by, chunks of mud and grass flying up in the air, racing past your friends, neighbors, family and other competitors to the checkered flag? Oh yea, that’s the best part!

Isn’t it time for you to check out a lawn mower race?

And, if you have a moment, here is a link to play poker while you wait for the next big race

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