> Lawn Mower Racing in Hartfield, VA

by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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This Lawn mower racing video in Southeastern Virginia on May 12th 2007 is a blast to watch! It shows how the two racers were swathed by dust but how they still manage their way through the end of the race. What a great racing adventure to end a boring weekend. This video in Hartfield, VA is taken by Mike Ratel. Mike Ratel did another great job with the dust-empowered shot. Enjoy an unbelievable experience as you glue your eyes on this shot that features a whole lot of fun racing moments.

This mower racing adventure is a platform to entering the much more intense lawn mower drag racing. So get your head into the racing game, bore out your motor and get ready for the ultimate lawn mower race that is already sweeping the country! Put some dirt-in-your-face and take that spine-jarring to a whole new level of pure fun and excitement!

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