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by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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Level up your racing powers and lawn mowing supremacy with this Lawn Mower Racing video in Sutherlin Oregon during the 2008 Blackberry Festival. Watch how one racer jumped out of his mower! You can also see how each racer daringly and fearlessly raced through his way just to lead the racing pack. Witness the amazing speed that these mowers show in order to amaze the crowd. Also, watch how each racer powders his fellow racers as each of them races to the lead.

This is surely an awesome video to watch for. With the ups and turns of events, you will certainly scream out your excitement! Now, get ready to put some dirt in your face and speed up that heartbeat with this amazing lawn mower racing video, filmed during the Blackberry Festival in Sutherlin Oregon, which is considered one of the best lawn mowers racing events of the year.

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