> Machine Design Magazine – Lawn Mower Racing – Part 4

by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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Lawnmower racing really rocks the motorsport! This video is the part 4 of the lawn mowing racing featured by Machine Design Magazine during their Feb 5, 2009 issue. This lawnmower racing video also talks about the safety measures that every racer should have in order to keep protected while on the lawn mower race. Security and protection are the main concerns when you are bearing in mind participating to any kind of racing event.
The racers here don’t actually race for money; they only race for a trophy which is worth their major efforts and unbelievable high-spirits in the racing field. Jayson Mikula performed an amazing job and a great lawnmower racing ability in leading the race. He clutched the championship trophy making it his third win in a row.

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