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by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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This awesome and impressive video of Mow-Wheelen Racing League shows a practice lawn mower race at the Roann West track. Witness how the good old style lawn mower racing turns into an unbelievable arena of pure fun and excitement. Also keep an eye out on this video’s enthusiastic way of bringing the racers to the height of exciting and exhilarating driving. The adventure of lawn mower racing around the track and tackling stiff turns is an experience that you will truly enjoy!
Racing mowers is certainly awesome. With this video, you get the feel of wha the life of a mower racer is. Mower racing is absolutely the best alternative to pricey motor sports. Mower racing is truly a sport that everyone could participate in and get pleasure from. What is more is that, it involves no cash prizes, just pure fun. So, have a taste of this dirty-muddy-grassy sport now and feel the fire of real racing in your veins.

Click Here to Discover Lawn Mower Racing Secrets

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