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by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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This exciting and cool video is really an out of this world way to approach  lawn mower racing. This video is the most head spanking, with its fun and funky music background highlighted by the zooming and screaming of the racing lawn mowers. This awesome lawnmower racing video in Victoria Australia shows how racers continue living to mow and mow to live to tell the tale.

Mower racing in Australia is eye-catching to all genders and ages and is more often than not entered into for a more pleasurable competition. Although some do take this mower racing more seriously than others, it is not considered exceedingly competitive. Mower racing is actually not an easy sport. It entails nonstop practice and development.  However, it is a sport that is thirsty for pure fun, leisure, camaraderie and excitement. This dirty-fun sport has been encouraging more and more people to take part in it.


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