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by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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This lawnmower racing video will transform your dull and boring day into a spine-tingling one! This is mower racing–not for money, but for a big trophy which is still worth it’s weight in gold in bragging rights alone! Also watch how Mow-tivator, Yellow Sub-Mow-rine, Mow-idea, Mow-naro, Ter-Mow-nator, and Mow-nalisa challenge each other with their fantastic turns on every slope. This heck of a good race will surely bring shivers to your spine as each racer puts his best foot forward in this unbelievable mower racing event.
Find out why technology is so important, why racers put such importance on it, and why they take it so seriously when racing.
This lawnmower racing event is the promo for ShowMOW Racing Incorporated Lawn mower racing at agricultural show. This video showcases the sport which is already loved by people of all ages.

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