Racing Mowers Rules Overview

flagRules vary from series to series. You must check with your local chapter or sanctioning body for specific rules related to racing mowers. This article serves as a basic overview and provides several ideas for improving your racing lawnmower.

Driver Eligibility:
A driver must be 18 or older to participate in a lawn mower racing or drag racing. Children 16 or 17 years old may, in some cases, be granted permission to race with their parents’ consent.

Technical Inspection:
At each event, you will be required to present your racing mowers to the technical inspection team. The inspectors look for illegal parts, dimensional discrepancies, and the safety features of your mower. When you start running fast and winning races, you will be required to visit tech lane again upon completion of the race. Generally, the top five finishers are invited to the technical area for a final inspection.

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Obtaining a License:
Before being allowed on the track, you will be required to register with the series and obtain a license. Generally, there is also a small racing mowers fee required.

Driver’s Meeting:
Prior to competing in each lawn mower race, you will be required to attend a mandatory driver’s meeting. The officials will review the procedures for the event and reiterate the use of the flags.  Failure to attend frequently results in your starting the lawn mower race from the back of the field.

Drivers will be required to wear protective clothing similar to that of a motocross rider. You must wear a full face helmet complete with a head and neck restraint. When refueling racing mowers, you must dismount the mower. The mower must be equipped with a tethered kill switch. This will turn the engine off in the event of a crash.

Parts for racing mowers are not always readily available. You may need to fabricate or modify the stock parts yourself. Below are a few modifications, which may be allowed.
• The frame can be stiffened by welding in additional tube supports.
• A safety scatter shield, with a minimum 16 GA thickness, must be installed adjacent to the flywheel.
• Steering can be reinforced.
• Mowing blades must be removed.
• Tires and wheels must be stock.
• No aluminum axles are allowed.
• Bodies of racing mowers must be stock appearing. Refer to pictures of racing mowers on the sanctioning body website.
• Handlebar grips may not be added to steering wheel.

Race Prep:
• Headlights must be taped up or removed.
• Your number must be prominently displayed on all 4 sides of the racing mowers and must be a minimum height of 3”.
• Chains and sprockets must be guarded.

Points System:
Touring racing mowers are generally eligible to participate in a structured points system. As an example, the USLMRA awards points as follows:
• 1st place: 300 points
• 2nd place: 250 points
• 3rd place: 200 points
• 4th place: 150 points
• 5th place: 100 points
• 6th place: try harder next time

• Green: Green Means Mow, or go
• Yellow: Caution on the track; proceed slowly.
• Yellow & White: One lap before the green; close the gap in front of your mower.
• Blue Flag with Yellow Stripe: Move over and let the leaders pass.
• Red: Danger on the track; stop immediately.
• Black: Pull into the pits for a driving violation or mechanical problem.
• White: One lap to go.
• Checkered: This is the coveted flag. The race is over, and you have won your first lawn mower racing event!

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