> Rockingham NC Lawn Mower Racing#1

by LCCM on 10/12/2009

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Rockingham NC Lawn Mower Racing is a local mower racing at Ellerbe Lions Club. This competition attracts all people of all ages. This video shows how thick vapors of smoke and dust turn over from corner to corner of this racing spot/pasture as racing lawn mowers screech around the track at very high speeds. If hell has its own suburb, it would surely appear like this one!
You just have to watch how this bunch of racing lawn mower drivers makes their way to their machines as the race starts. This truly affordable kind of motorsport has its own way of bringing excitement and fun to its viewers and the racers as well, In fact, it is the racers behind the racing lawn mower who are the real heroes in every racing event. They are racing not for money, but for the pride of doing something that is fun and enjoyable.

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