Safety Tips for Lawn Mower Racing

336x286The first priority in any form of motorsports is safety, and it is no different for lawn mower racing.  You won’t win any races while sidelined by injury, and you don’t do your family any favors by putting yourself at risk.

Like other forms of racing, the safety aspect for lawn mower racing has evolved. The lawn mower racing associations now have dedicated safety resources. And, the safety equipment manufacturers continually develop new and improved products specific for each sport, including for lawn mower racing

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The rules dictate the use of an ignition kill switch tether for lawn mower racing – how could you argue? The tether is attached to the racing mower kill switch and the pilot’s wrist. In the event of a crash or the loss of the rider, the lawn mower will automatically shut off.

Helmets are also required for lawn mower racing at all tracks and in all classes of national sanctioning bodies. Some divisions or series may even require a specific helmet style or rating. The sanctioning organization may also dictate a specific Snell rating by year. Even when it’s not required by the rulebook, a full face helmet is highly recommended. It is good to note, that helmets of the same style and appearance may vary in their safety rating.

Since many races take place on dirt tracks, the risk of flying debris is tremendous. An airborne rock travelling at 30 miles per hour could easily end your day. You will appreciate the full face protection. And, if you have a $5 head then go ahead and purchase a $5 helmet.

If you purchase a used helmet, be sure to inspect it for damage. If a helmet has been through a major crash, it may be cracked or the safety foam may be compressed and offer no further protection.

Your selection of clothing is just as important for lawn mower racing. While you may cut the front lawn wearing shorts and a muscle shirt and sipping on a cold one, you will require much more protection for actual racing conditions. Of course, long sleeves and long pants are a must. Choose a material which is durable like leather or denim.

When you fall off your vehicle while lawn mower racing, how grateful you will be that 100% of your skin is protected by strong and durable material. Imagine the pain of plucking rocks out of your legs just because you thought you looked cool in shorts, or maybe you wanted to show off that new tattoo on your arm. You’ll appreciate your leg protection around the hot engine and exhaust system too.

If you are serious about the sport, gloves are a must-have for lawn mower racing. I recommend a tight fitting leather palm mechanic’s glove. These offer great protection for lawn mower racing while still managing to provide the dexterity required to take you to victory lane.

Remember your toes too! Many styles of racing boots are available. Visit your local motorcycle dealer for a variety of styles and colors. Boots designed for motocross will offer great protection for your feet and lower legs while piloting a racing lawn mower. A low-cost alternative is your typical leather work boots; these are durable and provide the necessary safety and support.

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