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Mower Racing


RE: Learn The Insiders Secrets to Lawn Mower Racing 

From: JA Fisher

Dear Lawn Mower Racing Fan,

J A Fisher


f you’re like me, you’ve dreamed of becoming a racer.  Imagine going from watching your favorite driver race across the finish line, to actually being that driver…in winners circle. 

The problem up till now has been finding a sport to race in that does not take years of training and tons of money just to get started!

   Imagine a Racing Sport That You Can
Begin Today and Be Leading The Pack In The Near Future ...
  ...a racing sport that any race fan that chooses can get started in quickly! Lawn Mower Racing is roarin' across the country in a grass-roots movement that brings all the excitement of open wheel racing to a dirt-in-your-face, spine-jarring new level.

And, just like the big boys, lawn mower racing has a ton of national and international associations that sanction official lawnmower racing events. You just need to know some of the insiders secrets to get started.
  Finally, A Sport That Is Easy To Enter And Being The Winner Is Possible...  
lawnmower racing

At first, I thought learning about mower racing would be just another of many passing fads in my life. But as I looked further into the sport, I just had to know more. I soon knew I was hooked, and one day I too would have my own lawn racer.

As dug deeper, I discovered that there was no comprehensive book where I could find the information on how to get started.  So I researched everything I could get my hands on about becoming a lawn mower racer from a variety of sources.

When I say researched, I mean I went all out. It felt like I was back in college!  There were many sleepless nights as I learned even more about the sport and spoke to the racers and fans.

Once I had all of the information down, I realized that others would also be interested in what I had learned.  So, I created this handy eBook, just for you, chock full of information on everything you need to get started in the exciting world of lawn mower racing. 


LAWN MOWER RACING SECRETS has got it all…From building your ultimate racing machine to towing techniques to finding race sponsors and even how to feed your crew… If you’re interested in lawn mower racing, you NEED this informative guide, unless you WANT to do months and months of research and risk missing some important details!

With this informative and detailed manual, you can go from a racing fan to the racer in record time, I GUARANTEE it.

  Introducing: Lawn Mower Racing Secrets- Your Action Packed Guide To This Phenomenal Sport...  
Racing Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower Racing Secrets eBook
Value $319.47

This extraordinary eBook is truly one of a kind. You will find nothing like it on the market. It is a complete and comprehensive guide to the sport of lawn mower racing and it includes:

How to get started in lawn mower racing

Find out if you truly have what it takes to be a lawn mower racer

Customize your tractor into a lean mean mowing machine

The 7 different kinds of lawn mower racing tracks

Where to race your lawn mower all year long

Everything you’ll need in your toolbox

The various divisions and classes of lawn mowers for racing

Lawn Mower racing safety tips

How to host your own lawn mower racing event

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Mower Racing

Mower Racing

And you know something? That's not even a THIRD of what you'll discover inside the pages of your LAWN MOWER RACING SECRETS eBook!

With my LAWN MOWER RACING SECRETS ebook, you’ll get the exact roadmap you need, from start-to-finish, on how to burst into the lawn mower racing world. It's important to note that this guide is PACKED with information. There is not one ounce of fat, fluff, filler, or fertilizer--it’s all meat.
  "See What These Raving Fans Have To Say About Lawn Mower Racing Secrets!"  

U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association Founder Has High Praise for Lawn Mower Racing Secrets Book.

U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association Founder “Jeff Fisher has pulled together a great amount of detail and has even allowed the professionals in the sport to review it for accuracy. Everything from mower build, tech help and race preparation to sponsorship, travel tips and putting on a race is in this book. So, if you have ever wondered about “Lawn Mower Racing”, I would highly recommend you get your copy today. The mow the merrier!”.

Bruce Kaufman, Founder & President
U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association, Est. 1992
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"I had never heard of Lawn Mower Racing except on the Tim the Toolman TV show."

Lawn Mower Racing Fan “I grew up in the south, and I could not believe it when a friend of mine shared  a YouTube video with over a half million views. Your eBook is complete,and after reading it, I am now able to watch the sport with even more enthusiasm.  And someday, even I might go for the glory!

Brian Fitzgerald, Reno,  NV Newbie Enthusiast

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Lawn Mower Racing

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The LAWN MOWER RACING SECRETS eBook is worth every penny and is packed with little known, valuable secrets I’ve gathered from some of the world's leading experts. This may well be the largest encyclopedia of moneysaving, timesaving, race-winning information ever assembled. 


This eBook would take you weeks to assemble and is worth a minimum of 
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Lawn Mower Racing Secrets Guarantee
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Racing Mower
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  I truly believe, when followed page-by-page, the Lawn Mower Racing Secrets eBook allows you to totally and completely 'write your own ticket'.  If you want the keys to the lawn mower racing kingdom it's really worth figuring this skill out.

Each step is easy to learn and apply, and today can be the first time you ever raced.  Just make sure you sign up for the right class.

There's a formula and a system to it. When followed properly, you’ll be in the Lawn Mower Racing Winner’s Circle in no time.
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Wishes of 'mow' success,

J A Fisher

Jeff Fisher, Lawn Mower Racing Enhusiast

P.S. Save yourself the time and energy necessary doing the research; buy your copy today!

P.P.S. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back with my No Hassle 90 Day Guarantee

P.P.P.S. Remember, order immediately and receive the Custom Lawn Mower Racing Clip Art along with the Screensavers. This is my gift to you just for being a race fan!

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