Western Ontario Outlaws aka “WOO” Lawn Tractor Racing

The “Western Ontario Outlaws” WOO was formed in Ontario to promote the sport of lawn tractor racing. They have exciting classes ranging from Stock up to the Outlaw class. Western Ontario Outlaws wants to include every racer and fan, and their classes support every racer and fan.

The specifications for the SuperMod Class are:

AGE GROUP:  16 years

MAX ENGINE: Max 18hp or 40ci OEM rated OHV or 42 ci maximum flathead coming from the lawn equipment origin (4 cycle engines).

-No fuel injection.

– All engines: custom made exhaust headers, velocity stack, aftermarket air filters and billet aluminum flywheels allowed.  Must have on board starting systems, electric start or a recoil pull start.

OHV ENGINES 23ci and up:
-No internal modifications other than aftermarket valve springs and retainers.
-External shields and intake manifolds must remain stock.

OHV engines 22ci or less
-You must refer to flathead twin rules for lawn tractor racing.

FLAT HEAD SINGLE 28ci or less:
-Internal modifications open, mandatory billet flywheel.

-42ci max displacement, factory oversize pistons used to repair engine accepted
-internal modifications allowed USING OEM PARTS ONLY
-larger carburetors allowed as long as they are from lawn tractor origin.
-dual carburetors not permitted
-custom intake manifolds allowed
-no regrinding of camshafts
-external ignition devices not allowed, cross brands of lawn tractor OEM ignition systems allowed
-all modified engines (engines with any modification other than air filter, velocity stack or exhaust header) of any type must have a PRODUCTION billet flywheel.

FUEL: Octane booster allowed.  No other additives allowed.

DRIVE TRAIN: Centrifugal clutch, traditional belt clutches allowed.  90 degree gear boxes, jackshaft setups allowed.

STEERING: Direct steering is recommended, if you use an alternate steering method it must pass a critical tech inspection.  No plastic steering wheels unless it is the type that is reinforced with steel.

WHEELBASE AND MAXIMUM WIDTH: 42″ min wheelbase.  42″ max width.  No more than 3″ of total offset.  
(Take a measurement from the centre of your frame to the outside of your right tire and doing the same on the left side. With this the difference should be no greater than 3″)

FRAME: 2″ minimum ride height.  300lbs minimum weight.  Firewall protection recommended.  Custom front axles allowed.  Discreet chopping of chassis to install after market clutches, gear box, seats and axles allowed, must retain original OEM wheel base.

BRAKES: Brakes on rear only.  No front brakes allowed in this mod of lawn tractor racing.

WHEELS/HUBS: Custom steel or aluminium rims allowed.  Custom hubs or spindles must have lock collars or new HD cotter pins to prevent movement.

BUMPER/SIDE BARS: Side/crash bars mandatory, see general rules.  Rear bumper mandatory for lawn tractor racing, see general rules.  Front bumpers optional, must be no farther than 2″ from front of tractor and no wider than the body or hood.

Specification compliments of Western Onterio Outlaws the home of extreme lawn tractor raceing.

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