Which Racing Lawn Mower Engines are the Favorites?

Racing lawn mower engines play a big role in the success of your lawn mower racing career. A well maintained and properly modified racing mower engine will help you easily pass your competition, even on tight turns. Last lap passes are also not impossible if you have a good engine.

Racers have different preferences when it comes to engines, you’ll probably get different answers if you start asking what the best engine is. But most prefer Briggs and Stratton or Tecumseh racing lawn mower engines because of the availability of parts and their demonstrated experience in building reliable engines.

Spare parts are important since you will need them year-round if you are active in lawn mower racing. You might need to replace a few parts before or after each race.

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Popular racing lawn mower engines include;

•   19 CID 8HP Briggs and Stratton
•   28 CID 12HP Briggs and Stratton
•   31 CID 12HP Briggs and Stratton
•   40 CID 20HP Briggs and Stratton
•   44CID 20HP Briggs and Stratton
•   14.5HP 28CID OHV Single Briggs and Stratton
•   17HP 31CID OHV Single Briggs and Stratton

Some of them are already custom built for racing. But like I said, you can also opt for Tecumseh engines; modifying them to work just as well. Some like Hondas too. It’s just a matter of personal preference and your creativity in modifying the engine and chassis to make the mower fit your style of lawn mower racing.

Working on racing lawn mower engines is similar to working on car engines. You can do lots to make it go faster, but keep in mind that different classes have different rules when it comes to modification. You have to check on the rule book first and make sure that your modifications are acceptable in your class.

Here are some areas that need modification so you can get the most out of your racing lawn mower engines. Again, visit the rulebook before changing anything; unless of course you are competing in an open class where any adaptations are allowed.

Flywheels, pistons, crankshafts, carburetors, valves and heads; looked familiar? Yes, no different than your race car. It is an engine so you should treat it as such. Proper modification and testing will let you win that coveted lawn mower racing trophy.  Note that we race for fun and not for fat checks so don’t think that you will be winning a hundred grand for having the fastest mower.

Most racers work on their racing lawn mower engines during the winter, the season gives them ample time to modify their engines, check the components for wear and tear, and get ready for the next lawn mower racing season.

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